Awesome Videos of Ferrofluid Going Mental

Awesome Videos of Ferrofluid Going Mental

Alessandro Brighetti, descendent of chemists and medics, makes sculptures of the brain and skulls and uses ferrofluids to bring them to life.

His works are usually titled after mental illnesses – schizophrenia and cyclothymia being two recent skull-shaped offerings.

For Cyclothymia (below), named after the least severe disorder from the bipolar (manic depression) family, Brighetti creates a sense of unease as we watch the inert skull, time ticking by. Suddenly, it springs to life with frenetic activity. Spikes shooting from the skull’s surface, evoking the abrupt mood swings that characterise the mental illness after which the artwork is named.

[vimeo 66775265 w=300&h=180]


It’s not the first time that ferrofluid has been used for artistic or entertaining purposes. This mixture of oil and iron nano-particles can be controlled with magnets to do all sorts of interesting movements. Researchers in Espoo, Finland recently found a way to make ferrofluid blobs dance on a hydrophobic surface, for instance.

It’s evocative, but most of all watching ferrofluids at work is just plain cool.

Here’s some Hysteria to keep you going.


[vimeo 45831364 w=300&h=180]